Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

Penjaga 3

Yes, I came to The Keeper's place this noon. I was disappointed, I couldn't find The Keeper around. I was sitting in the same place like yesterday. So, I can see The Keeper clearly as soon as The Keeper entering the place. I was waiting, this time with The Sun cheering me up. Finally, I saw The Keeper was entering the place. The Keeper spotted me on my regular-base camp-observer bench among the crowds. The Keeper keeps looking around to make sure everything was OK. The Keeper sits on his usual spot, in the middle of the crowds. The Keeper talked to The Sun for a while, then He stood up and walked to other corner. The Keeper left me without any explanation. That time I didn't know where The Keeper was going. The Sun suggested me to go back. I took different direction than I used to. Surprised. I found The Keeper sitting among The Elders. Automatically, I draw my camera phone inside my bag and aimed it directly to The Keeper. Nice and rare candid photo (if I can get it). The Keeper immediately stood up "No! Go away!" The Keeper shouted to me. Wow. Actually, that time I was hiding behind The Big Tree and it was more than 20 meters. The Keeper knew it when I grabbed my camera phone.

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