Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

So? part 2

The answer for my previous posting: So?

Actually, my friends do 'think' about my feeling. As the result, they gave me these three cakes ;)

The Third Presents

It is a 'matcha' flavored cake. But without fresh cream and a pot of coins.
And the most important thing is, I didn't get the 'polar bear' as the free merchandise :D (slap me)

In my previous story, I mentioned about some friends who had difficulties in eating/ drinking something which contained tea, coffee or alcohol. So, I got this 'tiramisu'. Coffee: checked. Alcohol (in this case rum): checked.

Birthday Present

How about the third problem, a cake contains a lot of cream? Nope, I didn't get any cake with cream inside or outside it. But, they gave me this 'chocolate cake'. Yup, I like chocolate and do you know that choco and cream has the same problem effect? Fattening :p Oh, actually the tiramisu above also contains a lot of cream in it. So, cream: done.

Another Birthday Presents

But in the end, where is my POLAR BEAR? Just kidding :D

Terima kasih yah teman-teman untuk cake-cake nya :)
Oiyah, maaf ceritanya berantakan, buru-buru soalnya >.<

Correction: that matcha cake is a cream cake with a tiny sponge cake in between! :D

Teman-teman, cerita ini cuma sekedar guyonan ga ada maksud untuk menyinggung siapapun. Dan saya sangat berterima kasih (dan puas) atas hadiah yang kalian berikan :)

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