Minggu, 29 November 2009

Back To The Past (Terlena)

Again, they asked me to forget about the past. I'm moving backward, not forward. There is nothing about future inside my brain. Of course, no one can see the future. They are abstracts or maybe absurd.

“Let see the cards. What they said about the past?” One of my favorite fortune teller tried to foresee my past. She always tells me about the good things and actually she is my aunt. How about the bad things? She always says: Don't worry, it's just a little bump, if you tried harder, it will pass. But be careful, pay more attention to people around you.
“Nak, why the past still hanging around in your mind? Aunty don't like it. It will block your future nak.” With her sad-looking-grumpy-face, she gazed at me. I pretended to observe the cards arrangement seriously, but still they're just poker cards.
“But Aunt, until now, I don't know about the past, that you just mentioned it. Is it a human, people, some kinds of act, or what?” She already told me about this-past-thing twice.

That was six months ago, until this day, 'the past' thing(s) remain unclear.

Somehow, I think it's a person. A man from the past. He who taught me about the good and the bad. He had been my courage, in the mean time he also became my source of fearness. He is a devil also an angel. Why God created evil in such a nice (good looking and charming)form? Why? Ergh. But I don't think he is. It has been five years, we never contacted each other. Suddenly, a week ago, I met him. Haha. I'm so curious about him. But then, I decided 'the past' is not him.

Ouh, maybe 'the past' was just my good old days back there. Of course, I will remember it. Is it bad?

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